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Who Am I?

It is at times shocking and unfortunate how we can perish because of the lack of knowledge. Ignorance is not bliss. In my own community, it is asked what is it that I do, and I’ve come to the realization that knowledge of Naturopathic medicine is lacking or hasn’t made its full stamp. I would respond with what my title is, and the response or reaction that I would sometimes get is, huh, what is that? Do I get offended and expect them to know? No. My job is to bring awareness and educate everyone I encounter what a Naturopathic Doctor is and what we do.

A Naturopathic Doctor is a health care provider who embodies the wisdom of nature with intense research and science. Naturopathy is embossed in healing methods, principles and practices which focuses on proactive prevention, and holistic comprehensive support through various modalities, such as nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, public health measures, physical medicine, diet & lifestyle modifications as well as other necessary modalities. It is our job as Naturopathic doctors to facilitate identification of barriers and remove them to good health by creating both internal and external environment for health restoration. Naturopathic Doctors work in private practices, hospitals, clinics and community health centers.

We graduated from an accredited Naturopathic Medical school, go through intense clinical trainings, internships and residences.

There are six principles that are Naturopathic Doctors’ foundational pillars.

1. The Healing Power of Nature (Vix Medicatrix Naturae): recognizing the body’s inherent self-healing process with the facilitation of nature.

2. Identify and Treat the Cause (Tolle Causam): Identify and removing the underlying cause of dis-ease or illness than to only focus on suppressing the symptoms.

3. First Do No Harm (Primum Non Nocere): Avoiding harm to the individual.

4. Doctor as Teacher (Docere). Educating individuals and encouraging self-awareness and self-responsibility for health restoration which enhances the therapeutic relationship between doctor and client.

5. Treat the Whole Person: Being mindful of physical, mental, genetic, spiritual, emotional, environmental, social and other factors that plays a role in a individual’s whole being and health.

6. Prevention: Assessing risk factors and susceptibilities to disease by imputing interventions to prevent illness.

Most common conditions that we address are chronic pain, digestive issues, allergies, hormonal imbalance, obesity, respiratory conditions, adrenal fatigue, heart disease, fertility issues, menopause, cancer, chronic fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The list goes on but you got the point. 😊

We love what we do. I personally love what I do. Every one that approaches me and ask me about naturopathic medicine and its benefits, I answer with confidence and belief that indeed they can be helped with such approach. I’ve seen this approach work for many and I am confident that it will work for many more. As you’ve read this and still have questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Yours In Health

Dr. Kay

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