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“I came into some health issues, and I was recommend to Dr.McDermott 4 years ago by someone. I find her to be a very knowledgeable person of your health issues, joint pain of any kind. I had to do a series of blood tests, doctors were concerned what was going on with my body. With talking to Dr.McDermott, she was able to recommend something to purify the body, I find that the more one cleanses the body, the less pain you’ll feel. Dr. McDermott listens to you, she wants to know what your blood levels are and from there, she will recommend what’s for you. I thank God that I met her, she’s been the go-to person. I’ve recommended a few people who has found her very helpful, even to them. I pray that God will continue to bless her as she blesses others and anyone that comes in contact with Dr.McDermott, will find her to be very helpful in whatever situation that you may be going through.”.

- "Millie".

”I was feeling very weak in my body, very nostalgic. I spoke with Dr.Kayanne and she recommended me to try these package of vitamins. Within a month, I started feeling a lot of energy, and more stamina. I would strongly recommend this package for someone who has little or no energy and you would be happy you gave it a chance.”

- "E.W".


“I went to see Dr.Kayanne because I was having issues with my eyes, back and constipation. Dr K (for short) looked over my blood work and advised me how to change my diet, so I won’t have these problems anymore. She gave me a 90-day cleanse and other herbal products that I could take to help with the problem I was having. After following her instructions, I started seeing changes in my health. My back didn’t hurt anymore, I started going freely and I was seeing better. Thanks be to God who is the head of my life and Dr.K for all they have done for me. I would recommend Dr.K to anyone who is having health issues. She’s a wonderful Doctor.”

- "P.W"

"It was a pleasure working with Dr.Kay. I met her through a family member who worked with her also. I was having fibroid issues. Dr.Kay was so helpful. From the initial consultation I felt comfortable with working with her. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Dr.Kay made recommendations that would be helpful as well as provided nutritional advice which helped very much. I would definitely recommend her to other friends and family that is looking for a a more naturopathic way of support."

- "L.J"


“Hi, my name is Ms.Francis. I had know Dr.Kayanne McDermott for a few years now. I could not ask for a better person. She is like a daughter to me. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. If I had to call Dr.McDermott, if she was busy, she would always return my call. Dr.McDermott is very smart, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable. I could not ask for a more loving, & kinder person for my provider.”

- "S.F".

Dr. McDermott helped me with changing the foods that I consume because the foods that I was consuming was creating inflammation in my body. Ever since I started with her, I feel less bloated. I have lost weight following the food list that she has provided to me. Working with her has also helped with my menstruation. I used to have heavy bleeding but now it is not that heavy. I believe that if I continue with Dr. McDermott, I will see more great results that I am already seeing working with her for less than a year. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be healthier, lose weight and be well overall.

- "F.J".

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