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Do you have Diabetes & do not know what to eat?

Are you tired of being on medications for years with no results?

Are you tired of how they are making you feel?

Let us change that! 


Meet Dr.McDermott

"I wasn't aware that Naturopathic medicine existed, until I came face to face with a very challenging period in my life. My father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2002 and his prognosis was grim. Thanks to complementary benefits of naturopathic medicine, his life was extended 11 more years..."


Check out some of the testimonies and see how we teach and help people see how powerful our body is and how it has the innate power to heal itself and live to the best of its abilities if given proper care and what it needs.

“I came into some health issues, and I was recommend to Dr.McDermott 4 years ago by someone. I find her to be a very knowledgeable person of your health issues, joint pain of any kind. I had to do a series of blood tests, doctors were concerned what was going on with my body. With talking to Dr.McDermott, she was able to recommend something to purify the body, I find that the more one cleanses the body, the less pain you’ll feel. Dr. McDermott listens to you, she wants to know what your blood levels are and from there, she will recommend what’s for you. I thank God that I met her, she’s been the go-to person. I’ve recommended a few people who has found her very helpful, even to them. I pray that God will continue to bless her as she blesses others and anyone that comes in contact with Dr.McDermott, will find her to be very helpful in whatever situation that you may be going through.”. Millie.

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